"Wait, you can fish on that thing?" We hear that a lot and yes, you can! Come with us on a paddleboard tour - and you can try your hand at fishing while we're paddling! You come to us, or we'll come to you and we'll try to land a lunker!

Paddleboard fishing tours* include board, paddle, PFD. Use our fishing gear or bring your own. Requires you pre-purchase a NH fishing license in advance of the tour.

Click the Book Now button below, call or text 603-380-5077, or email to schedule your tour.

$40 per person for a 2-hr paddleboard tour ($20 per person for each additional hour).

*We are not licensed NH fishing guides - we just love fishing while paddleboarding!

We had a blast showing Erin Fehlau from WMUR’s NH Chronicle how to fish from a paddleboard. Give the video a watch, then come join us!